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category wise user management in Joomla (part 2)

August 18, 2009 2 comments

Before reading this post you have to read category wise user management in Joomla (part 1) post and follow the steps.

In category wise user management in Joomla (part 1) we have discussed how can we disable an edit button for the category user on unassociated category articles  . But the problem is when we login through frontend as an editor , we get complete list of newly added articles , even a user is category user we get the list of new articles from all categories to edit , hence whatever we discussed in category wise user management in Joomla (part 1) post , the results of the post can be applicable only if article is already published , But what about newly added articles? How can we display only associated category article list which are not published or which are in their first publishing cycle  .

I am using “com_camelcitycontent2” component , using the component I can create 2 links , 1st is to submit articles and 2nd is for view articles (to edit and to publish) . Once I login through front end I am getting the link “view articles” . You can manage your menu through administrator . Once I click the “view article” link . I am getting the list of all newly added article. But as we have make our users category wise in post category wise user management in Joomla (part 1) , we should get the list of only those articles whose categories are associated with us . But we are getting all articles to edit and publish .

I have added some lines of code to solve the problem .
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Health Minister and Health Department of India should apologize for Rida’s death due to H1N1 or should give Resignation..

August 9, 2009 3 comments

The deadly virus of swine flu H1N1 started spreading in foreign countries in February 2009 , It started killing people continuously after February 2009 , It kills near about 1500 people in world  till July 2009 , Indian government knows these facts , then why didn’t they prepared against swine flu . Health department had 4 months for preparation . Were they sleeping or waiting for H1N1 to be welcome it in India?
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